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At Ershamstar School of Excellence we have always put our students first, and we keep our prices at an affordable level. Our students are together in one building which continues our theme of 'learning with friends' and our small groups encourages the closeness and support that we have become known for.

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Sheila French DSNU TDS, Hon.Adv.Dip had a dream more than 20 years ago during a course given by Glyn Edwards who was a student and friend of Gordon Higginson. She had this dream when attending the Arthur Findlay College as a student and that dream become true.  Sheila French had a vision for a centre of excellence that would be recognised throughout the world as offering training in mediumship where the students would be recognised as an individual and where they would blossom in a safe environment.  A place where the tutors were all empathic, encouraging and available throughout the courses and where through continued and constructive feedback the students would feel recognised and valued.

Sheila has had her trance mediumship assessed both scientifically and spiritually, and has been found to be one of the best to be seen.  Neuroscientist Marcus Bach Sorrenson of The University of Kent and Canterbury was baffled at first by the seemingly impossible being achieved when Sheila is in the company of the Spirit World.  Research has been ongoing with programmes at Durham University, UKC, Harvard University USA and two at Kings College London.

She has been organising courses for more than 20 years. During this time she has worked with many of this countries leading tutors and mediums. However in her present team Sheila has found the ingredients that support her Philosphy for her school, a caring and supportive group of tutors.

Here Sheila introduces you to our Centre of Excellence and what we can offer you

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All courses are full board, in single en-suite rooms

Final payment due 6 weeks before course starts