Sheila French DSNU,Hon.Adv.Dip had a dream more than 20 years ago during a course given by Glyn Edwards who was a student and friend of Gordon Higginson. She had this dream when attending the Arthur Findlay College as a student and that dream become true 17 years ago.  Sheila French had a vision for a centre of excellence that would be recognised throughout the world as offering training in mediumship where the students would be recognised as an individual and where they would blossom in a safe environment.  A place where the tutors were all empathic, encouraging and available throughout the courses and where through continued and constructive feedback the students would feel recognised and valued.

Sheila French had originally thought that the vision was telling her that she would maybe one day run the Arthur Findlay College, however she later went on to join the College Faculty for many years.  A few short years after beginning her journey she went on to open her own Centre, called Ershamstar in Folkestone where she could offer all that she had originally planned without any restriction.

Sheila met her guide “Light” on the first day of her development and through her excellent trance mediumship he has supported both her, Ershamstar and the students of the centre ever since. Through her trance mediumship guidance has been given so that her work and the school has progressed in all of its objectives to Raise the Standards of all of the students who attend.

Sheila French has had her trance mediumship assessed both scientifically and spiritually, and has been found to be one of the best to be seen.  Neuroscientist Marcus Bach Sorrenson of The University of Kent and Canterbury was baffled at first by the seemingly impossible being achieved when Sheila is in the company of the Spirit World.  Research has been ongoing with programmes at Durham University, UKC and two at Kings College London.

Sheila French Ershamstar, Centre of Excellence, with views of the English Channel, continues to follow her original values as seen in her vision at the Arthur Findlay College to focus on the needs of the individual student, to always be inspired by the Spirit World and to offer personal hospitality (a skill acquired from more than 20 years in the hospitality industry).

Sheila French employs an excellent team, all of whom not only believe in the same values as herself but promote them wherever they work. Together we continue to grow and the success of the students qualifies Sheila French's original vision.