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Centre of Excellence

Our inaugural conference on the Neuroscience and Psychology of Spiritual Contact and Evolution will be held at the Tudor Park Marriott Hotel in Maidstone, England on: 8th and 9th June 2019

An inaugeral conference created and presented by Sheila French DSNUT and Marcus Bach Sorrenson PhD Researcher,Psychologist.BScPsych.,MSc Neuropsych and Interfaith Minister.

A unique opportunity to look at the science of spirituality and mediumship through the explorations of students , teachers , researchers and through live experiments and varied experiences.  A conference not to be missed if you consider yourself a pioneer.

We will bring together excellent speakers and demonstrators to provide a weekend full of both questions and answers and attempt to prove that the brain in the instrument of acceptance within all spiritual pathways.

Spirit and Science Frontiers 2019


This conference presents not only a wide variety of ways to be in contact with the spiritual dimension and support ones spiritual evolution, but also insights from neuroscience and psychology research to help explain how spiritual experiences link to the brain and physical dimension

Common ground

The conference will be a common ground between spiritual disciplines and practice. It is open to practitioners, students and seekers on a spiritual path, as well as the general public who may be looking for a way in or simply to learn more - in an atmosphere of openness, curiosity and interdisciplinary contact.

Take a look on the conference website to see what is on offer all in wonderfully luxurious surroundings.