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2018 Courses

Here are our exciting and new courses unique to Sheila French Ershamstar Centre of Excellence here at the Grand Hotel Folkestone, Kent. Watch our video's for further information to see how we can help you to excel within your mediumship. All of our courses are available for all levels of ability. Every course other than personal attention starts at 6.30pm for dinner, personal attention starts at 4.30pm.

Evidence, Evidence, Evidence

Linda Bullock Technique Part One, Two and Three

19th October - 24th  October  

Tutors - Sheila French and Tim Abbott

Prices £ 520 resident or £60.00 day student per day for 5 days, single supplement £70


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Part one 3rd - 5th November  

Part two 6th -8th November

Part three Practitioner Level 9th - 13th November

Tutors - Linda Bullock

Prices £290 residential if taken separately or £550 if both taken together or £60 per day as a day student.

Part three £400 residential or £80 per day as a day student

This visualisation technique and the understanding of the symbology of the subconscious is a life changing and life empowering technique that is simple to understand and simple to use as guided by your teacher for the week Linda Bullock.  Part one teaches you the basic technique for yourself and can stand alone as a useful life tool , part two takes you further into the understanding of just how much information and how many life skills are held within the subconscious.

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The Multi Tasking Medium

Personal Attention

30th November - 3rd December

Tutors - Sheila French & Tim Abbott

Prices £ 380 resident  or  £60.00 day student per day  for 3 days, single supplement £55

With this course we hope to give you a new and different perspective on your work as a medium.  A private sitting should always be focussed on the needs of a client.  We will look at sittings given when a client asks for a specific communicator, when healing is incorporated into a sitting, the empathic or support sitting, when there is a need for the psychic and the mediumistic to be used within the sitting.  The modern client comes with modern needs,  come and explore the skills necessary to be able to meet these needs.

4th - 6th December

Tutors - Tim Abbott & Sheila French

Prices £ 300.00 residents, sorry no day students, single supplement £45

Come and join us in a unique environment styled to maximise the personal tuition from your tutor. The classroom ratio is one tutor to only six students.

There will be two classes running side by side; Sheila French will be focusing on trance mediumship and Tim Abbott will lead his group in the clairvoyant aspects of mediumship. These course are always popular and tend to fill very quickly.

Icelandic Week

27th August - 3rd September

Tutors - Sheila French & Tim Abbott

Prices £ 570 resident English Speaking

There will be specialist classes in both mediumship and trance and an opportunity to work in a local spiritualist church to give private readings and some students will demonstrate on a public platform.

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