We are pleased to announce the re-opening of Ershamstar residential courses offering best practice for COVID-19 precautions.

The Grand Hotel itself is fully compliant with best practice for the hospitality industry with access  in all locations to hand sanitisers, deep cleaning of rooms which includes 72 hours between residential stays and social distancing throughout. Early or late arrivals need to be notified well in advance in order to maintain the 72 hour isolation between bookings.

Here at Ershamstar we will be running with smaller groups in larger rooms which more than covers the Governments requirements for social distancing.

Our wonderful buffets will continue with 'staff only' serving and when needed also in larger rooms.

All students are asked to bring their own masks, which are to be worn when moving between rooms. At present they are not required in the classroom but they are required when travelling and in shops. A limited number of masks will be available to purchase in an emergency at the school as will a limited supply of hand sanitiser.

We respectfully ask that any student displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 or coming into contact with someone displaying symptoms  in the seven days prior to coming to the school do not travel to the school. Anyone displaying symptoms whilst at the school will be asked to completely isolate. Students must agree that when asked, to allow their temperature to be checked.

At present we are unable to confirm if private sittings will be available during a course as we await further government guidance.

Although deposits are required to secure a booking and are normally non refundable in the event that any COVD-19 restrictions in either your country or our own prevent you from attending the course your monies will be fully refundable or on presentation of a certificate of positive testing.

Whenever possible Ershamstar School of Mediumship will offer best practice during these unstable times, ensuring you a safe and relaxed environment in which to learn.